Friday 19 January 2018

When the ground is frozen...
Winter Construction

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When the ground is frozen...

There's a saying here that goes "When the ground is frozen - it's time for Boson"! It seems like we always have projects starting late fall or just as winter begins to settle in. Three generations ago when the company started that was unheard of. Today, with proper planning, equipment, safety precautions, and management it's typical to run our projects throughout the cold winter months.

Some important considerations for successful winter construction include:

  • Insuring the safety of the workers. This means keeping worker exposure to freezing temperatures to a minimum. This can be accomplished through thorough and fluid scheduling around the coldest days, and a clean jobsite to minimize the risk of slips and falls.
  • Having the right tools and equipment to deal with the changing weather conditions. At Boson we own truckloads if not small mountains of insulating blankets that are used to cover the ground and to protect newly completed work such as concrete poured in the cold temps.
  • Temporary heat and enclosures. Temporary heating units can be used to heat the building when the structure is up, but the mechanical systems are far from ready. These units can also be used to heat temporary enclosures built by Boson to house the work-in-progress, and keep your project moving forward.

No doubt winter construction can take it's toll on production and people when the temps plunge to zero and below. But most of the winter months are manageable and the benefits of moving forward and saving time can out-weigh the negatives of waiting for Wisconsin winters to fade into spring. Boson has been buidling projects successfully year-round for decades. Our experience and expertise keeping your project going through winter can save your company time and money by completing the project sooner. When your schedule looks like it's headed for a fall start-up remember: "When the ground is frozen - it's time for Boson"!