Project Delivery Systems

Our experienced building team offers several different types of project delivery systems. This flexibility allows us to match our abilities with your needs. Every building project is unique. We can customize a delivery system for your next building project.

There are four main types of Project Delivery System being used today: Design-Build, Negotiated Contract, Competitive Bid, and Construction Management, as well as other, more specialized methods.


A construction system with "single point responsibility." An owner enters into a single contract with a contractor to perform both the design and construction.

Negotiated Contract

Negotiation allows the owner to engage in the services of a qualified contractor in the early stages of the project to assist in scheduling, budgeting, and constructability review.

Competitive Bid

The "traditional" delivery stem based on complete prescriptive plans and contract documents prepared by architects or engineers. The design-bid-build system is common with federal, state and local governing bodies.

Construction Management

CM is an agreement to provide construction leadership and perform administration and management. This can be performed on an Agency or At-Risk basis.


A design-build contractor delivers a completed building to an owner for a pre-arranged price which includes design, construction and financing.

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD is a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, reduce waste and maximize efficiency in all phases of the design and construction.