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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Construction Materials Continue to Rise
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Construction Materials Continue to Rise

Sectors of the construction industry have bounced back strongly post-pandemic. The cost of goods and services used in construction, however, climbed a record amount last month adding to the 24.3% increase over the past 12 months. Items with especially steep price increases over the past year include lumber & plywood at 111%; steel mill products up 75.6%; gypsum products rose 14.1% with no end in sight. National Construction Associations continue to lobby Congress and President Biden to end Federal tariffs and quotas from various countries to alleviate domestic pressure.

The Boson Company has been working closely with our clients during preconstruction to minimize these impacts and look at project design elements to use alternate materials or systems where possible. Having our construction experts at the table early is more important now than ever! Our experience can add the creativity necessary to keep your project moving forward.